Saturday, July 30, 2011

Professor paid with Chocolate

It is still in the triple digits outside.  It's been that way for weeks. 
At least, I get to out-wait it in the cold library, becoming like a professor(haha, picture me with long grey hair and old glasses with a stack of papers and books in my hands), volunteering.  Signing children into the summer reading program(and now, today is the last day).
I am getting paid with a large bar of pure milk chocolate.  Not bad, considering it is a volunteering job.
Reading the bookseries the Series of Unfortunate Events.  On book 8, and just about to finish it.
If you decide to read those books(you'll have to skip over the narrator's lectures on why you shouldn't read this 'dreadful' bookseries), I would advise you to skip book four, since that one is a little weird.  But I really like the books.  Full of mystery, inventions, an evil, greedy count that JUST WON'T GIVE UP!  The books are funny too, and very exciting, because this one 'Count Olaf' wants to get his hands on the fortune that these three orphans will inherit from their parents.  So he also wants to kill them.  But these children stick together and help each-other and hardly ever split up.  Violet is an inventor(the oldest at fourteen) who can do amazing things with plain objects.  Klaus loves to read books on information(books about breaking codes, sailing, and anything) and remembers all that he reads.
Sunny, who is barely two years old, loves to bite things, and has four very useful sharp teeth.
I will not give anything away, for in book five, they meet some interesting people and begin to unravel secrets about their parents.

Never Alone!(this is a quote from the Door Within Books, in case you didn't know)  :)


  1. I saw the movie.... how much better are the books???

  2. Count Olaf isn't weird in the books(like the actor Jim Carry makes the character seem in the movie). The books are a little unbelievable in some places, and a little ridiculous that no one would believe the children when they tried to explain the truth. But the books are good and clean and pretty exciting and a little inspiring(they make me want to invent something, like the movie did). The movie got the children's characters perfectly(Sunny does speak in a series of unintelligible shrieks that would mean an entire sentence in the books), and there's more plot. The mystery keeps on going. I just finished the eighth book and they all leave off with a cliff-hanger. Count Olaf somehow gets away at the end of each book except the End of the series. But I don't think you'd be able to understand it if you decided to read the last book of the series only and not the rest of the books.