Sunday, March 17, 2013

Picking Music

I'm watching the Snowmen episode of Doctor Who for the third or fourth time and listening to a part over and over and then picking it out on a piano on a Nancy Drew computer game (you can play the piano on it) since my dad's piano isn't available at the moment.  So I can only do one note at a time sadly.  I'm picking out Clara's theme which is cute and sweet and the notes C and D are involved which makes it all the more fitting for the song (Clara and the Doctor).  I think I'll have it down soon. :)
Reading a few books this week...  I hope you enjoy your spring break too!


  1. What books are you reading this week? And have a great spring break! My dad and I are going to visit my cousin. It shall be fun. =D

  2. I am finishing the last book in the Sisters Grim series (overall the series is good and really funny/exciting in some places but does include some magic stuff and sometimes one of the minor characters is crude). After that I am reading Enchanted, which is a mixture of fairy tales. After that I am reading 13 Treasures, in which little fairies are bad.