Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bookshop Closing and More Rain

Almost getting back into reading after getting caught up in school.  Went to a closing bookstore; a big Gold mine, that's what it was!  First forty to fifty percent off a lot of things including movies and CDs.  Then sixty through eighty percent off.  Got a lot of books, aye.  And there's this checkout person man who has an accent.  He was there each time we visited.  I finally found out that he was Australian, and had a little of a New York accent as well as an Australian one.  Books, historical fiction I'd never heard of.  Flipping through small pages of young adult books, searching for a good read.  Brewed hot sweet cherry tea on the kettle. 
Surprisingly, waiting for yet more rain to come in about a day(so says the weather), after a few very hot days in the nineties and eighties.  Saw a pair of grey-brown rabbits in a yard.  Picking up small books and big books and reading rare delights; new and unfamiliar from tall bookshelves and hiding places. 
Said good bye to a few, leaving the bookshop without them.  A few visits back, got two classics, am looking forward to reading them.  Though I am forbidden to read or touch them till my birthday in a few days.  They are hidden away, underneath a bed or in a stack, or in a drawer.  I know not at the moment though.  All the better.  Trying not to think of them.
Went to the dentist and got three cavities filled without any shots taken.  Was brave that day, not knowing if I would feel unfamiliar pain or unbearable pain.  Nearly unbearable for a few moments.  Heard a song about dentists by Owl City.  Personally, I think some dentists are blackmailers.  They have no sympathy whatsoever!  None but an evil laugh in delight to give you shots and then smile sweetly and offer a sugar-filled, white-flour baked cookie in a crackling paper bag.  Otherwise they threaten you with rotten teeth to come in the future.  All I could think during that hour was this, "The Lord is my Shepherd.  Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid, for He is with me." and this, "There is always hope, as long as God is on the throne, as long as love is everlasting, as long as Jesus lives."

Hum.  Listen to birds.  Climb a tree, reading a large big book called Scarlet about Robin Hood and written with old Celtic pronunciation; full with pronunciation guide and all.

Practicing my flute, singing by the piano and violin, and preparing for a homeschool band concert that is the very day after my birthday.   

Happy mid-spring.  Happy day.

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