Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mulberries, Words, and Sun Chips

I'm ome with me dad(who is practicing classical songs on the grand piano at the moment).

  Typing, writing, reading, feeling new pages of a newly unwrapped book, opened it on the day we celebrate my birthday. 
Inkspell.  Hardcover, like a special wooden door into a treasure room of words.  Dark cover, blue like blueberries, silver designs shiny, like nickles, a blue snake, threatened in a bush ome, purple berries that look like grapes or plumes.  Six hundred thirty-five pages.  Seventy seven chapters (each with a quote from a fairy tale or classic book at the beginning).

 Black blue, purple, and red mulberries fall from the tree with a plop, to rest on the ground where small bugs make a home within them.  That's why you must always be like a bird and go into the tree and pluck them from the branches instead of waiting too long. 
  That is the very same thing for my honeysuckle woods(don't say it isn't a forest because it isn't, because I like to pretend that it is) with white blossoms.  Its drops of sweet water lying in wait inside are easily infested with small bugs also(not to mention bees), so I like to be early to pick them, take off the bottom of the blossoms, and get one drop of heaven from each.

Snacking on chips at the moment.  Crinkle, rattle, rustle.  Crinkle, crackle, crunch.
Collecting old and new pennies from wherever I can.  The oldest penny I have was made in 1955.  It is a wonder to think of all the hands that once held this penny and all the stories that happened around it!
The newest penny I have is made this year(2011) and is so shiny and pretty.  It is a wonder to think that I am one of the first to hold it, and one of the first stories in history that happens around the penny.

I'm going on a long drive tomorrow with my family, so I'll be sure to bring lots of books to read on the way.  A journey, an adventure in itself.
Happy Spring!  Happy day, two days before my birthday.  God bless you!

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  1. (I spell 'home' without the 'h' on purpose, in case you were wondering. It's the old Mist Faerie way of saying it.)