Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog pages and new book

My sister had ordered something in the mail.  I didn't know what it was.  A package came in the mail not long ago and I put it in her room for when she got home from work at the library.
She found it and opened it, and a fat green book with a sword and a young lady on the cover came out.  It was familiar for a reason; my sister had inter-library-loaned it and read it years ago, and loved it.  All I remembered from what she had told me was something about boxes moved about in the attic to make a portal, and a mom who was reading about Debora in the Bible went to another world and became a Restorer(the name of the book; the Restorer).

I wasn't very interested in it at first, but read the first page anyway.  I didn't feel bored of it; I understood the main character perfectly.  My sister wouldn't let me get my claws on it that night though, because I had other books from the library out, that I was supposed to read.
And so I did read more of my library books, while the Restorer looked more and more mysterious, like a special book just waiting for me to read it.
The day after, I asked her again, and she let me.  That night after washing my hair, it was raining outside, with strong thunder and flashing lightning.  I watched as the clock stroke twelve; I opened the book, and read.
It was so exciting and mysterious, because in the book, when the mother finds herself in this other world, it is raining there, just as it was raining here. 
I shall tell you what I think of the book once I have finished it.

I found out how to make a single page(look up) but I don't know how to make two or three on my blog.  If any of you know how, could you help me please?

Have a wonderful day and week!  God Bless you!


  1. Never mind about making pages; I found out how. :D

  2. Discovering new books is so exciting!!!

  3. i found u through my friend BohoRose14 and i was curious as i too am a Christian teen writer. so i started reading ur first post and began wondering whether it was a post or short story excerpt. well done ur very talented.

  4. Yes, I agree BohoRose14.
    It's a post. Sometimes I just have to write... and it comes out. The book felt very mysterious, so I wanted to write the post in a way that would help you understand why it was mysterious.
    Hi and thanks!