Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reading and Writing fantasy

There are some really good books out there.  The Inkheart trilogy was really good besides the bad language.  Every library copy I get my hands on, I blot out the bad words with a black marker.  It is about how characters(villains and a thin innocent fire eater) are brought into our world... from a single book called Inkheart, and how a young girl faces her fears and has an adventure.  It is about how a father searches for his wife who was taken into the book. 

Another very good series is the Auralia Thread, which is written by a Christian author.  The books are about a young woman named Auralia, and how her magical colorful abilities changed each of the four or five Kingdoms in the world she lives in.  It effects an orphan boy that everyone once called the Ale Boy because his job was to serve the King and Queens ale and wine.  When he met Auralia, he changed for the better, and later in the series, people call him Rescue.
At the very end of the first book, Auralia mysteriously disappeared...  but she comes back in the last book.  God is known as thee "Mystery" in the book series.  Angels and demons are known as the "Keepers" in the bookseries.

When I outline a book, I put the temporary name of the book as the title.  This is an example:

                                                          The Fading Story
I.  Characters:
     A.  Melody
              1.  Description: long wavy dark brown hair that nearly reaches her waist - almost purple brown.  Pale white skin.  Night big blue wondering sapphire eyes.  Slightly pointed ears.  Pointed nose, a few bangs.  Oval-shaped young face that looks like royalty, with absolutely no makeup on.  Long neck and a mysterious pouch that hangs around her neck by leather string.  Shoulders that curve downward slightly.  In first chapter she wears a dark navy blue hooded cloak with the hood over her head.  Underneath that she wears a loose baggy white shirt.  A leather belt holding a scabbard hangs around the waist where she keeps a knife with green embroidered designs on the handle.  Brown breaches that reach just below the knees.  Bare feet.  Very short.
               2.  Personality/emotion: growing up too fast.  Trying to be tough but fails to be.  Looks weak but is stronger than that.  Always some sort of hope in her eyes.  Sometimes she forgets to be tough and learns how to have a moment or two to be a kid.  
     B.  Phil
               1.  Description:  Taller than Melody.  Black mop of hair that hangs below his ears and nearly covers his eyes.  White skin like Melody.  Blue-green eyes.  Slightly pointed ears.
     C.  Enchantress(Veanna)
     D.  Lander
     E.  Mirror
     F.  Jaker(mixture of Jake and Joker)
     G.  Ruth
     H.  Leah
      I.  Raven
     J.  Commander Blake
     K.  Rick
     L.  Numb
    M.  Mystery
    N.  Sameil

II.  Plot.
     A.  Chapter 1.  Melody finds Phil, bound and whipped.


And on and on.  I hope that helps all those who are writing books! 


  1. lol I love the idea of srossing out curse words in library books! I'm going to do that next time I run across a similar situation. //
    Outline... good idea!!