Monday, June 6, 2011


It is too summery outside.  Late nineties in the day, and late seventies at night.  I want the sixties and fifties uh-gain!  I wish for rain.  We could certainly need it(looks at the large cracks in the dry earth in the garden outside).
Ordered a book online, and I'm loving the wait of a package in the mail.  It will come soon.  It is called, "How to Write a Book in 90 Days God's Way."
I am sure it will be helpful.
You should look for it in stores too if you want it, because I couldn't find it in the US library selection.
I've been sending my family pieces of my book.  I better finish the rough draft so I can send more to them.
By the way, I believe that Justin Bieber is bringing back the eighties music(high voiced singing).  They are still making Doctor Who episodes.  I sort of like Doctor Who besides the weird creatures.

There is always hope.  Happy day!

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