Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yay, thanks to BohoRose, I got a playlist up!  Let there be music!  Enya is the lady who sang in Lord of the Rings, and Moya is her sister.  I think Moya's a Christian, through the lyrics of some of her songs.  The original spelling of her name was Mairre or something similar but its pronounced Moya Brennan so she changed the spelling for her newer albums.  Its kind of like Irish Celtic music and a lot of special effects on the voice to make it sound cool. 
I like a few songs from Plumb, and Barlowgirl is one of my favorites too.
Man I should get back to writing if I want to finish the first draft!  I found out a whole other side of the plot and it adds to the story so.... Yeah.
I write music on our piano.  It was just tuned around yesterday or the day before.  It's a beautiful black grand Yamaha and it sounds so beautiful right after being tuned.
One day I will record the songs that I write and maybe put them on Youtube.
And perhaps I'll be able to put them on here too.
My family is musical.  My dad was given the Black piano as a donation.  He wrote music and made three whole albums from it.  People listen to it at night(including me) to help them sleep.  Its contemporary beautiful music. 
My sister plays the violin and guitar and a little piano too.  I just started Piano lessons a few weeks ago.
God bless you!  Enjoy the music :)

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