Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review for Hugo

My dad and I got to go see the movie Hugo recently and since I've liked reading movie reviews, I decided to write one.

The soundtrack of this movie was made by Howard Shore, the one who did the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings.  He did a very good job with the soundtrack of Hugo, although it doesn't sound at all like something you'd hear from Lord of the Rings.  So there's one thing to be excited about when seeing the movie.

Now if you don't know what movie or book I am talking about, it is about a boy of twelve who lives in a train station in Paris.  He is an orphan and takes care of the large clocks, while trying to avoid the Station Inspector, who takes orphans to orphanages and thieves to prison.  The time period is 1931(or nineteen thirties somewhere).  He has to steal for a living.  But there is a secret he has been keeping and a girl he meets is very set on finding out what his secret is. 
I have read the book that the movie was based off of.  The book is called "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and at first glance looks like a very very hard book to read since it is so very fat.  But half of those pages are hand drawn pictures that capture the action.  The book was good.  I liked it. 

Now the making of the movie:  the director has been known for many rated R movies but decided to make a family friendly movie.  And he did a very good job.  He went all out on 3D.  The colors and cinematography are amazing.  And the characters are well drawn out compared to other hastily made movies.

I don't mean to say that this movie is a 'kid' movie.  Not at all.  In fact, I think this movie is for tweens and adults more than for eight-year-olds.  Its a fantasy like movie in a realistic french setting with a haunting story of a boy trying to find a message from his father, somewhere around him.  I haven't told you the tip of the iceberg, but if you want to know more of the plot, you can just go see the 2nd trailer on Youtube.      

Note: the movie is in 3D and in 2D.  I saw it in 2D as 3D gets weird on the eyes, and for a lot of movies, people just don't take much advantage of the 3D when making it.  But in this movie, they did a lot of work on it, or so many people say.  I think that this movie was actually meant to be seen in 3D, or so many many people say, because I haven't seen it in 3D yet.  But my dad wants to.  We were both near to tears near the end.  But all ends well.

There are some very good themes in the movie that I liked, and this movie is worth going to see.

At the moment, ninety-three percent of people on Rotten Tomatoes liked the movie.  I definitely aim to go see the movie again.  And when it comes to DVD, I will buy it.
And this review is long.....
God bless you all!

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