Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Snippet from November/December Writings

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine.
Isaiah 9:2


Okay I am going to show you a snippet of my Nanowrimo project (I did finish 50,000 words but I didn't finish the story yet).  It is from my story called Thimble or The Maiden of Wulden Hall.  Tell me what you think when you read this.

“You have no evidence that this King of your mother’s imagination was real,” he said.  “The only thing you have is a song.  There is no book about this King; no records!”
The mention of the song wounded her.  Little Gale felt tears coming but tried to stop them.
“Sir, it is the only thing that connects me to my mother’s memory,” she said. 
“And why does she need to be remembered so badly?”
Little Gale hesitated.  She managed to blink back the tears.
“Because the soldiers killed her the very day she was released.  She came home and I got to speak with her for only minutes before they came and killed her.  I do not know why she was killed,” she said finally.
“Neither do I, I am afraid.  But you do not need to remember the dangerous melody or lyrics of what your mother left you,” he said.
Little Gale stood up.  “It is a pretty song!  Nothing more!” she said.  “I am not ‘infected’ as you call it.  What is the evidence that you have that says that I am?”
“Your eyes,” the man said.
“What about them?” she said.
“They are not gray.”
Little Gale breathed.  She had nearly forgotten about what the soldiers had said earlier.  She had been so tired at the time, it was like a dream.  Everyone’s eyes were gray or brown.  It was just the way things were in Wulden.  Little Gale’s eyes were gray.
“My eyes are gray,” she said.
“They are not gray,” he repeated, and then scribbled something down on the gray scrolls with the brown quill pen, in black ink.
“Show me then,” Little Gale said.
The Black Gate’s Keeper gestured to the bowl of water.
“Look for yourself,” he said.
Little Gale stood up and stepped closer to the desk where the bowl was sitting.  She could feel her heart beating faster in her chest as she leaned over with her hands on each side of the bowl of water.
Her face was dirty and her hair was unwashed.  But her eyes were not all the way gray.  There was another color in them.  It was a color she had seen long ago but had forgotten.  The color was blue, but she did not know this.  It was beautiful.
Little Gale was calmed, and she could still feel her heart beating just a little slower than before, which calmed her more.
She could see out of the corner of her eye that the man had a frown on his face, but she wanted to ignore it.
“Is it not a disgusting color?” he said.  Little Gale stared into her reflection.  Her eyes still held that mysterious shade.
“No.  It is strange and foreign, but beautiful,” she said.  She looked up at him.  “How did I get the color in my eyes?”
The man stuttered.  He frowned deeper.
“The Light has touched you,” he said, as if that made her the worst person possible who lived before him.
“So I am special,” Little Gale thought.  She smiled.  “What is so wrong about the light?”
“It hurts our eyes, blinds us!” he said.
“It reveals what was hidden in darkness!  It only blinds you…. Because you have been used to the dark,” Little Gale said, “And if there is light, there must be a king over it, as there is a leader over darkness.”
The man looked troubled now.  He did not know how to reply.
“I am in the wrong kingdom,” Little Gale whispered.

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  1. I'm intrigued. Your book sounds like a very good story. I would love to hear more!