Saturday, April 30, 2011


The branches sway violently beneath me, wavering, shaking.  Green leaves surround me, whispering to me.  The wind roars into my ears as it tries to force me out of the large oak tree.  But the shadowed branches hold me, and I hold onto them.  I squint my eyes shut as my dark brown hair whips about me.  I breathe in deeply.  Fresh, damp, warm, green air is what I smell.  It had been raining, storming, for many days; now, it was beautiful.  It was as if the earth had nearly drowned, and now it was breathing again.  The birds were singing, telling each-other of their newly hatched baby birds.
The time to plant.  Time to organize my room again.  I finally get my account on here.  Spring.  Reread The House of Power.  That is what I'll do.  It was spring when I first read it.  Spring makes it special - the reading experience, I mean -, giving back memories of thoughts that I had thought when first reading the book, the first in the Atherton series.  Fiction, science fiction, with a feeling of fantasy, about a boy who can't read, who has dangerous secrets, and a love for climbing things.

I have been helping a friend of a friend to wash a large dog, almost every week.  It is fun, like a fun chore.  
I think that we all sort of like chores, but we always want to do something else very much more than just chores.  But chores are important, I found out.  Our parents are preparing us, for the future.  God wishes us to honor our parents.  In doing so, we learn how to respect people, and are prepared to respect our future boss in our job that we may one day have, even if he has a bad temper.  Our leaders.  In doing chores regularly, we learn perseverance.  It is amazing how God thought through every tiny detail of everything he created, and everything that would and will come to pass, in every single life he created.
Happy Spring, Happy Day.