Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Mary?

In the Hobbit, Bilbo was chosen because it seemed he didn't want an adventure, that he was afraid of them, and he tried avoiding them as well as he could. Gandalf said that very well might mean he did want one.

In church, I've heard sermons of how wonderful and "worthy" Mary must have been, being maybe only thirteen or fifteen years old, to be chosen to be Jesus' mother. But she was just as human as everyone else.
She must have feared God. She may have been quiet and shy, and frightened of being married to Joseph.
Do you think maybe God chose Mary /because/ she was afraid of having a child? Because it would mean more for her to say yes to it, than it would for someone for whom it wasn't a big deal.

I thought of when the angel told her not to be frightened. She must have been frightened, or the angel wouldn't have needed to tell her not to be.