Tuesday, October 16, 2012


If you strive to know God, you'll be one step closer to knowing who He wants you to be.
Who are you?
That depends on who you ask.
If you ask a person, they'll tell you their name.  If someone's lost their name, they would say they don't know.  If they know God and trust Him, they will know who they are.
Who are you?
That depends on who you ask.
If you ask someone, they'll tell you what business they're in or what social status they are in - King, Queen, Prince, Prince, blacksmith, doctor, commoner.  etc.
Take that away and they may not know.
For some people, who someone is is what their personality is.  You can't name each person's personality because they are too complex.  People are too complex for names but we must have them to use a language and to call someone.
Without a language we communicate by our actions, music, our faces, our emotions.
We hide behind our name because the person behind the name is too complex to know except by knowing God.  Without Him we don't have an identity.
It's interesting.
If you ask me who I am and give me a minute to think before I answer, I would say, "I am the daughter of the King, a prayer warrior, a music and story discoverer."
Why I came upon this subject is because there was a time I didn't know who I was.  What are words?  What is my personality?  How do I keep it without losing it?
I'm writing a story.  I haven't finished discovering it yet, but I am following it.
Finished a test, want to write.  Watched the movie Ink (great and inspiring except for bad language, not Inkheart) and rewatched Brave at the theatre.  Went to band.  Should go to bed.
Who are you? :)