Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog pages and new book

My sister had ordered something in the mail.  I didn't know what it was.  A package came in the mail not long ago and I put it in her room for when she got home from work at the library.
She found it and opened it, and a fat green book with a sword and a young lady on the cover came out.  It was familiar for a reason; my sister had inter-library-loaned it and read it years ago, and loved it.  All I remembered from what she had told me was something about boxes moved about in the attic to make a portal, and a mom who was reading about Debora in the Bible went to another world and became a Restorer(the name of the book; the Restorer).

I wasn't very interested in it at first, but read the first page anyway.  I didn't feel bored of it; I understood the main character perfectly.  My sister wouldn't let me get my claws on it that night though, because I had other books from the library out, that I was supposed to read.
And so I did read more of my library books, while the Restorer looked more and more mysterious, like a special book just waiting for me to read it.
The day after, I asked her again, and she let me.  That night after washing my hair, it was raining outside, with strong thunder and flashing lightning.  I watched as the clock stroke twelve; I opened the book, and read.
It was so exciting and mysterious, because in the book, when the mother finds herself in this other world, it is raining there, just as it was raining here. 
I shall tell you what I think of the book once I have finished it.

I found out how to make a single page(look up) but I don't know how to make two or three on my blog.  If any of you know how, could you help me please?

Have a wonderful day and week!  God Bless you!

Friday, June 17, 2011

All Types of Keys

Rays of a setting sun fall through space and cloud, leaf and feather, branch and glass, to rest in my short dark but now golden hair.
I was hiding in a corner of the forest of pages and covers and doors.  Spidery long white fingers clawed at a new but old book that I had never noticed before in our library.  A single word painted in calligraphy on the faded brown doors echoed in my mind; Elfsong.  A girl, little people who ride the backs of cats, the mysterious other side of the languages; the languages of animals.

There are so many things I could call a library:  an active museum of dead, sliced, painted, decorated trees collected into stories.  A forest of pages and doors and covers.  A library.  A vast collection of stories packed into sections woven together with thread, glue, and fabric, put together on shelves.  History.  Nonfiction.  Fantasy.  Science Fiction.  Mysteries.  Romance Novels.  Westerns.  Historical Fiction.

The Keys to the door of a book are your curious fingers and a dedicated mind.  Will you emerge yourself completely into an unknown book that you have never heard of before and just now met at the library?  It depends on whether or not it is a children's book, an innocent story about innocent children, or a journey through uncharted woods and lands, or an adult book with a terrible design on the door.  No!  Don't pick up that one; that door into the maze of words looks too scary, or too weird, or too unfamiliar and dark.

The keys to a piano, I press down.  Sound vibrates, music echoes, an emotion plays into your mind, creating and painting a picture.  Sadness, a cold knife against your chest, threatening to break your heart.  Then tears of joy realizing the comfort of our God. 

And at last I come to a familiar song I have heard before I have played it.  A song that makes me feel like everyone has a purpose; a mission; an important job and adventure in life.  From Doctor Who tv show.
If a friend of mine hadn't sent me a similar link, I probably wouldn't be a Doctor Who fan today.  Listen to all of it.  It reminded me of many things.

And another key; the key to heaven is Jesus who died and came back to life after three days.  He was killed and betrayed by us.  We beat him up.  We called him names.  Now-days, people use his name without talking to him or about him.  They just say it as if it is the most normal word to use in the English language.  Anyway, Jesus knew he was going to be killed.  He let them.  He took all our wrong-doings onto himself and took the penalty of it so that we wouldn't have to.  When we die, we can go to heaven.  We just need to accept God's gift.  Becoming a disciple of Christ is the most exciting and important thing that you can ever choose.

Anyway.  Have fun and enjoy the music!  Jesus is alive!  Now go out there and do what you were born to do!  Oh happy day.  Have a merry day!

Monday, June 6, 2011


It is too summery outside.  Late nineties in the day, and late seventies at night.  I want the sixties and fifties uh-gain!  I wish for rain.  We could certainly need it(looks at the large cracks in the dry earth in the garden outside).
Ordered a book online, and I'm loving the wait of a package in the mail.  It will come soon.  It is called, "How to Write a Book in 90 Days God's Way."
I am sure it will be helpful.
You should look for it in stores too if you want it, because I couldn't find it in the US library selection.
I've been sending my family pieces of my book.  I better finish the rough draft so I can send more to them.
By the way, I believe that Justin Bieber is bringing back the eighties music(high voiced singing).  They are still making Doctor Who episodes.  I sort of like Doctor Who besides the weird creatures.

There is always hope.  Happy day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reading and Writing fantasy

There are some really good books out there.  The Inkheart trilogy was really good besides the bad language.  Every library copy I get my hands on, I blot out the bad words with a black marker.  It is about how characters(villains and a thin innocent fire eater) are brought into our world... from a single book called Inkheart, and how a young girl faces her fears and has an adventure.  It is about how a father searches for his wife who was taken into the book. 

Another very good series is the Auralia Thread, which is written by a Christian author.  The books are about a young woman named Auralia, and how her magical colorful abilities changed each of the four or five Kingdoms in the world she lives in.  It effects an orphan boy that everyone once called the Ale Boy because his job was to serve the King and Queens ale and wine.  When he met Auralia, he changed for the better, and later in the series, people call him Rescue.
At the very end of the first book, Auralia mysteriously disappeared...  but she comes back in the last book.  God is known as thee "Mystery" in the book series.  Angels and demons are known as the "Keepers" in the bookseries.

When I outline a book, I put the temporary name of the book as the title.  This is an example:

                                                          The Fading Story
I.  Characters:
     A.  Melody
              1.  Description: long wavy dark brown hair that nearly reaches her waist - almost purple brown.  Pale white skin.  Night big blue wondering sapphire eyes.  Slightly pointed ears.  Pointed nose, a few bangs.  Oval-shaped young face that looks like royalty, with absolutely no makeup on.  Long neck and a mysterious pouch that hangs around her neck by leather string.  Shoulders that curve downward slightly.  In first chapter she wears a dark navy blue hooded cloak with the hood over her head.  Underneath that she wears a loose baggy white shirt.  A leather belt holding a scabbard hangs around the waist where she keeps a knife with green embroidered designs on the handle.  Brown breaches that reach just below the knees.  Bare feet.  Very short.
               2.  Personality/emotion: growing up too fast.  Trying to be tough but fails to be.  Looks weak but is stronger than that.  Always some sort of hope in her eyes.  Sometimes she forgets to be tough and learns how to have a moment or two to be a kid.  
     B.  Phil
               1.  Description:  Taller than Melody.  Black mop of hair that hangs below his ears and nearly covers his eyes.  White skin like Melody.  Blue-green eyes.  Slightly pointed ears.
     C.  Enchantress(Veanna)
     D.  Lander
     E.  Mirror
     F.  Jaker(mixture of Jake and Joker)
     G.  Ruth
     H.  Leah
      I.  Raven
     J.  Commander Blake
     K.  Rick
     L.  Numb
    M.  Mystery
    N.  Sameil

II.  Plot.
     A.  Chapter 1.  Melody finds Phil, bound and whipped.


And on and on.  I hope that helps all those who are writing books! 

Apple Oatmeal Pancakes and Indiana Jones

At our youth church, a youth pastor is passing his rank onto another, and stepping up into other ministry.  The new youth pastor was preaching today about how we need to be getting out of cliques and stepping over the line and reaching out in our community so we can be unified.  We do need to do this really bad if we are going to help other youth groups and encourage them.  We have to be unified before we can reach out.  We need to understand each-other(kids and teens of different ages, talking, encouraging, praying).  After all, we're a family.  God's children.  A family who doesn't do anything together or talk to each-other or encourage each other or even tell each other they love them, isn't a family.  We want to be a family.  The Bible says to be a family.  Think about that hard.  Reaching out just to talk friendly like to someone in church/school/life that doesn't have anyone to talk to.  And don't let age be a barrier.

If you can tell that someone needs prayer and they tell you not to pray for them, pray for them anyways.  Everyone nearly always needs prayer for something.

I just played and played and played chords and melodies on the grand black piano in our living room with the light coming in through the see-through curtains.  Then I picked out Indiana Jones theme song, playing with one finger instead of both hands.  My dad smiled and then wanted to watch it.  Mom and sister are making Oatmeal Apple pancakes, I threw in a bunch of ingredients that were not in the recipe when my sister wasn't looking(oil, a little sugar, a pinch of salt, and a shake of cinnamon).
And I'm planning on getting out healthy sausage and some blueberries out soon.  Later I'm going to work on my outline for my book(since it's fun and easy if you know how to).

The polished table; clear it off, pile up the newspaper.  Plates and forks and knives; put them on the table.  Movie; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, put it on, turn on the tv.
This is what I call fun.
Have a wonderful hour/afternoon/evening/day/week/month/year/decade/century/life.  Every day is a new chapter.  Every hour is a chance to reach out.  Every week is filled with hope.  Make it all count.  Know that it isn't about you but about what you can do for others.  If you do that, then you will one day be rewarded in Heaven.  Have fun!  Good bye for now...