Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yay, thanks to BohoRose, I got a playlist up!  Let there be music!  Enya is the lady who sang in Lord of the Rings, and Moya is her sister.  I think Moya's a Christian, through the lyrics of some of her songs.  The original spelling of her name was Mairre or something similar but its pronounced Moya Brennan so she changed the spelling for her newer albums.  Its kind of like Irish Celtic music and a lot of special effects on the voice to make it sound cool. 
I like a few songs from Plumb, and Barlowgirl is one of my favorites too.
Man I should get back to writing if I want to finish the first draft!  I found out a whole other side of the plot and it adds to the story so.... Yeah.
I write music on our piano.  It was just tuned around yesterday or the day before.  It's a beautiful black grand Yamaha and it sounds so beautiful right after being tuned.
One day I will record the songs that I write and maybe put them on Youtube.
And perhaps I'll be able to put them on here too.
My family is musical.  My dad was given the Black piano as a donation.  He wrote music and made three whole albums from it.  People listen to it at night(including me) to help them sleep.  Its contemporary beautiful music. 
My sister plays the violin and guitar and a little piano too.  I just started Piano lessons a few weeks ago.
God bless you!  Enjoy the music :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blogging and Character Creating Help

Hallo!  I am sort of new to this blogging stuff even if I already started months ago.  I don't exactly know how put a playlist(a music thingy that plays a list of music for free) on here or other things but...  If you know how to, could you comment and tell me how?

Character Creating:

Creating Characters is more than just describing him/her and giving him/her a list of things to do within the book according to plot.
In writing, many authors say that Characters come first.  Characters make your story(name of a book that I'm reading.  It has a blue cover and is by Maren Elwood in case you want to go looking for it), and plot doesn't make characters. 
I also got some help from a clean video series on Youtube made by Scottishbooktrust about writing books.  The person who made it has a Scottish accent which made it even more cool.  The video was called Creative Writing Masterclass 2. You can look that up if you want.  I got a lot of this from that one.
Characters develop through plot just as we ourselves develop through crisis.  I have read in the book that readers are more interested in the characters than in the plot.  You could have a character hanging over a cliff and readers might not even care because the character might not have much color or character, being not much more than a puppet.
To change that, you give that character different traits.  Is he or she shy?  Or is he/she very talkative?  If you choose one or the other, they should keep that character trait unless they go through something that helps them to overcome their shyness or realize that not talking as much is better than talking a lot.
If one is shy, then show your reader that he/she is shy and why they are shy, or why they avoid talking as much; the character's reason for avoiding talking.
Another thing is talent: what is their talent?
What is their passion?
What is their secret?
Who do they look up to?
Who do they try to avoid at all costs?  Who is their worst enemy?
What have they lost?  A parent?  A sibling?  A toy?  An heirloom?  A key?
What do they keep in their pockets?  If they carry a guitar pick, than you will probably think that they are a musician.  If they carry an American dime, then you know they're American.  If they carry a rock, then you'll think they're a rock collector.  If they wear a wedding ring you'll think they're married.  And so on.
I hope this helps you in creating good characters.
God bless you!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn is Here

Orange.  Red.  Purple.  Gold.  Silver.  Blue river dancing through the rocks and down a waterfall.  Wind blowing through skeleton leaves.  Rustle.............
Rereading the Dragon Keeper Chronicles books one, two, and three(really really good Christian Fantasy books about dragons and wizards and a girl who collects dragon eggs and raises the dragons when they hatch).  I haven't read the fourth or fifth book yet but I will soon.

I'm going to finish the first book in the Greenvine Manuscripts soon, I'm trying to finish the first draft by Christmas.  Trying to push myself.  It really does help if you know you have a dead line or if you make one.
If you really need to write what happens in your books and you come to a part that explains things that's important but you'd rather write into a different part of the book, it has helped me to just explain everything important that happens in the scene just to get it out of the way for the moment and then go on to write in the part of the book that you've been wanting to write in for a while.
I am sorry that I have not posted for so long.  School has started.  I have finally taken myself out of my normal world to write in this beautiful world of blogging.  Hallo all.
You are never alone for Jesus the shepherd sees everything and will never leave you.

God Bless you all!
           ~Emilyn(this is my pen name)