Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rain again

Tap patter pat tap drip plop tap patter drip plop pat tap patter drip grass greenery.  Gray clouds drift in the sky slow as gray turtles.  Drain, dap, patter, cold, drip tap clink of metal,  type type type.  My mom is making waffles(waffle waffle awf).  Got to go to the table.  Sunday.  After church.  Rain.  Syrup.  Healthy sausage with herbs.  Strawberries.
I'll type later.  I'll write.  I will.  I'll imagine the forests, green in Ireland.  Feel like Narnia.  Goodbye.  God bless you.  :D  


  1. Epic template, girl! Glad you're enjoying the rain and blog-writing world!