Sunday, April 8, 2012

Next to Nostolgia; a mystery

 Merry Easter everyone!  I'm in the middle of a mystery.
I'm looking for a word.  A word that talks about a feeling.  Not the feeling of love or any of the fruits of the spirit.  Maybe joy, but it's a mysterious joy that you get...  inspiration?  Perhaps, but not exactly.  Not suspense, but almost suspense.
When you read a book about another world for the first time.  A brand new world that's so different and beautiful and has exciting good characters and morals and so forth, one that you haven't done research on, but have just picked up without reading any reviews or looking up the website for the book.  A book that you have never seen before.  It might not be a book that you haven't seen before but anyway... like the book, "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness" for example.
I was at Mardels when I spotted the book.  Dark blue with a picture of sea dragons on it.  It gave me a feeling of darkness and fear.  When I read the first chapter, there was a folk song within it about a black carriage that would come in the night and take children away to the unknown dark place.  A boy who prayed that it would pass the house and not stop.  It didn't stop thankfully at his house.  He had heard a story of a girl not far away who had been taken by the black carriage and never seen again.  Sarah Cobbler.
Everyone else would get the same feelings as they read it but in different forms because we think of different things when we read.  Our imaginations are different from each-other's.  We associate different thoughts with different thoughts.  Like for instance, if you couldn't sleep well at night because of nightmeres.  Whenever you heard the word 'night', feelings of fear would enter you because you associate the word 'night' with 'nightmares'.
My sister taught me that!  lol she's learning interesting things in college. 
And then in the next chapter of the book OtEotDSoD(haha, long abbreviation), the characters are shown and their silliness and storytellish and folk and sweetness.
And at the end of the book, all those feelings you get as you read each chapter are mixed together when you think of the book.  HAHA!!!!  I was just ranting and it just came to me and I wrote it down.  Is there a word for that?  The overall feeling you get when finishing a good book or skimming through memories?  I should make a word for it....
Anyway, PLEASE COMMENT because when I tried to describe it to my sister she didn't understand... and she's older than me.  I think that now that I've written it down, it might make more sense.
So yeah.  Please comment.
God bless you!  He is Risen!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that book!
    I can't think of a word for that, but I know what you're decribing. Good luck in your search, but I cannot be of help.
    I do have to say again that I LOVE the Wingfeather Saga. Very much.

  2. They are definitely very good books! I like them as much as you 'love' them. I'm just trying not to use the word 'love' for mere objects, although books(and movies) have made a big impact on my life.
    Yay! I'm not the only one! Okay perhaps I'll have to make up a word for it just like J R R Tolkien made up words.

  3. I don't know if there is a word for what you want but maybe you can make one up like many people do. Like when I open a new book and read a few pages in and excitement and delight stir inside me. So I would call that maybe excightful. Part excitement, part delightful. Or maybe delcitement, or something. You get what I'm saying? :)