Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unique Things

1 Corinthians 7:7
I wish everyone could be like me. But God has given each person a different ability. He makes some able to live one way, others to live a different way.

Everyone says I'm different.  I'm unique.  I have a vast personality.  I can be both talkative or shy.  I can speak too much around people my age or attempt to say nothing at all for as long as I can when at home for an experiment.
When I speak too much I'm trying to fit in too much or I'm just talking about things that I think about a lot.  What's a girl to think about when she doesn't talk to anyone but Dad, Mom, and older sister except briefly on Tuesdays(band), Wednesday night(church), Sundays(church) and Thursday(piano lesson)?  I suppose that's why I find something to be excited about(a movie for example) and stalk that movie relentlessly by scavenging every trailer, clip, featurette, and tv spot, looking online every day to see if there's anything new, till it comes to theaters, then ask parents every other day if we can go see it till we do. *sigh*
Then sometimes when I've actually gotten to talk with friends for a long time, when I get home I find that I started to talk like them.  When I'm at home though, I talk with a Scottish accent whenever I remember to because I've been trying to pick it up by listening to Scottish accents from people on Youtube, like David Tennant or Scottish movies(lol).  It is so strange how we talk to everyone differently.  We talk to our parents differently then how we talk to our siblings, and we talk to our friends differently than we do to our family.
And the quakers set out to talk and treat everyone equally by talking in King James English with the thee's and thou's.  I read a Sisters in Time book called Janie's Freedom and it has quakers in it.  Great book and series for historical fiction fans!
Anyway, we are all different.  We were made to be unique.  We aren't supposed to copy everyone else!  God made me to be Me, not for me to be someone else.  God doesn't make copies, I don't think.  He never does things the same way twice.
We aren't supposed to copy others.  We're just right the way we are, and until we can become confident in who we are in Christ, it will be hard for us to grow up.  You know how most grownups have confidence?  We should have confidence ourselves, whatever age we are, in who Christ made us to be.  If we know that we are precious to him and trust him to protect us, and if we ask him to help us become confident, he will help us to be bold as lions.  We will be like David, who was so confident in God as he stepped boldly forward to challenge the giant.

Just as we should be unique, we should not copy ideas from other books to put in our own writing.  I know this may be hard to do, especially if you have already done so.
Some people say that there is no such thing as originality and that if you twist ideas from other stories, it will be okay in your own books.  But we should not do so for every single plot line of our books, or we won't exactly be writing anything that wasn't already there.  We will be writing a mixup of books that others have probably already read.
There are many cliches; reading minds, going to another world from modern day earth(which has been done infinitely since Narnia, though I am doing just one twist on it and I won't write from that plot again once I do), dwarves, elves, and dragons(although I wanted to put dragons in my book, and almost put elves and dwarves in them because the books are fantasy).  This does not mean you cannot use them... but you may want to consider weaning your books from unnecessary cliches in your plot/world.
Look for a new kind of plot, something you dream perhaps, something you hear in a conversation, something you see in the beauty of a forest, a unique character you see within the imaginative eyes of your mind.
I believe that there are still original ideas out there; many of them!  We just have to go find them. :)
I learned how to spin thread from wool yesterday, and it gave me an idea for a small scene in a book to write, I'm not sure which one yet.
I hope this post inspires you to write something new.
 God bless you and Happy Sunday!

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